AB Ambassadors is an independent global tourism and hospitality advisory and asset management firm to help organizations achieve their goals by providing strategic guidance. The focused initiatives include addressing operations for optimum efficiency, maximizing revenue generation, and focused sales & marketing activities. Support areas and practice include leadership development, project master planning review, predevelopment analysis, due diligence, repositioning, food and beverage consulting, operator selection and asset management.

Our Services

Attention to detail and thoughtful business transformation is aimed at helping business successfully manage the disruptive forces in the industry considering changing consumer behavior. Keeping abreast of latest trends and creating an innovation culture is imperative for navigating business threats for success. We can help create a strategic vision to combat disruption through development of new products, services, and positioning that set the hotel apart from the competition.

Owner Services

supporting owners’ needs for enhanced outcomes

  • Investment Analysis & Advisory
  • Market Feasibility
  • Operator selection
  • Asset preparation for sale

Asset Management

with a focus on performance enhancement

  • Operations Review & Analysis
  • Capital planning
  • Brand Support and Services

Sales & Marketing & Revenue Transformation

is a multi-faceted discipline and has become more complicated over the years. Customers are spending less and less time with traditional ad-funded media. Brand storytelling now requires systematic thinking, informed by the right data, to deliver the right messages through the right channels.

  • Sales & Marketing Review
  • Hotel Pricing Analysis
  • Distribution and Channel Management


to support the core of hotel business

  • Food & Beverage Operations & Enhancement
  • Rooms Operations
  • Equipment and Facilities Management

Custom Solutions

support to address specific needs. Technology has revolutionized the way people interact with hotels from making reservations to requesting services. To win over customers who have unlimited choices and access to information, world-class experiences are a must to turn people into long-term fans.

  • Project Support and Task Force Staffing Needs
  • Quality Assurance and Guest Experience Transformation
  • Technology Platform and Recommendations

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